Thursday, 31 December 2009

Mi-sex - Blue Day

Blue Day/Lady Janice

Mi-Sex was a New Zealand / Australian new wave rock band active from 1978 to 1984. Led by Steve Gilpin as vocalist, they were best known for their singles "Computer Games" in 1979 and "People” in 1980.Mi-Sex evolved from the band Fragments of Time, a band which itself formed from members of earlier bands Father Thyme and Think. The band centred on a trio of performers: Steve Gilpin (vocals), Murray Burns (keyboards), and Kevin Stanton (guitar/vocals).In 1978 they changed their name to Mi-Sex, this name taken from an Ultravox song title, "My Sex". They released their first single, "Straight laddie” (originally intended simply as a demo), during 1978. In August 1978 the band headed to Sydney, where they quickly became a major live drawcard. They were soon signed to the Australian division of CBS Records by the label's then A&R manager/House producer Peter Dawkins, himself an expatriate New Zealander who is best known for his productions with another former NZ group based in Australia, Dragon.Their first single for CBS, "But You Don't Care" / "Burning Up", was released in Australia in June 1979 and their debut album, Graffiti Crimes was issued in July 1979 to coincide with their national tour as the support act for Talking Heads. The LP included their biggest hit, the synthesizer-driven "Computer Games”, a Burns/Stanton composition released in Australia on October 1, 1979. The single went to #1 in Australia, made the Top 5 in New Zealand, and also charted in 20 countries including Canada and South Africa. The follow-up album, Space Race sold well and produced another big single, "People”, but the band were unable to maintain their early momentum and two later albums failed to produce the same popular interest. Mi-Sex disbanded in March 1984. The single "Blue Day" lifted from the last album Where Do They Go failed to chart in Australia but made #36 in NZ the B-Side "Lady Janice" is a non album track.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Rockinghorse - Grand Affaire

So Do I/Tell You 'Bout A Feeling/Richard Alpert/Gypsy Lady/On A Friday Night/Turn On The Light/River Running Deep And Wide/You Don't Need An Answer/Oh! Marimba Go!/Call It A Day/Grand Affaire
A big thanks to Rex for sending me the vinyl for this one.
Line-Up: Clint Brown (Bass Guitar) Keith Norris (Drums) Bruce Robinson (Lead Guitar) Carl Evenson (Percussion / Vocals) Wayne Mason (Guitar / Vocals)
Rockinghorse were a Kiwi band who formed in 1973. Keith Norris and Clint Brown had been members of Taylor while Wayne Mason and Carl Evenson joined them from Formyula the last to join was Bruce Robinson who had originally been in the Pleazers. They released 2 albums Thoroughbred 1975 and Grand Affaire 1976.